Accounts payable with Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence for Accounting Automation

Accounts Payables Automation

Document scanning, Web-Apps, E-mail, Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) to automate your accounts payable data entry. Artificial Intelligence automatically sorts, separates and assigns the invoices to the right processes.

Automated Invoice Capture

More than just OCR: Revolutionize the processing of your invoices using artificial intelligence. Abacus Intelligence separates invoices automatically after scanning and collects all invoice information, for almost all languages. Even difficult to read documents are recorded to 100%.

Invoice Approval Workflows

Artificial intelligence for multi-stage invoice approval workflows in your organization. Review and approve supplier invoices before the payment is processed. The software automatically detects anomalies and highlights invoices associated with high risks.

Data Analytics in Real-Time

Create values from your accounting data. Use Abacus Intelligence to analyze financial data through real-time machine learning and big data analytics.

Document Archive

Have your receipts available digitally anytime, anywhere. Work on your smartphone, tablet or computer to release bills, pay and archive documents compliant with local legislation.

Software and API Solutions

Use Abacus Intelligence as intuitive software or integrate Abacus Intelligence technologies as application programming interface or white label for your software solutions.

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