Turnkey solution for document handling with Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence for Accounting Automation

Document Inbound

Upload or scan all your document as invoices, delivery notes, order confirmation, purchase orders … with the web-app Finmatics®. The artificial intelligence recognizes the first and last page of each document. Never again stick manually barcodes or use any kind of separators. Finmatics® moves the document to correct document type and company code. Presorting of documents belongs to the past.

Document Processing

More than just OCR: Revolutionize the document processing by using artificial intelligence. Finmatics® picks the variables out of each document according to its document type. The artificial intelligence adds data and ensures automized handling at your company. Historical data as accounting journal, purchase orders … are the key to perform a quick start with Finmatics®.


Document Release

There is the option to use the Finmatics® workflow server, if you’re stuck with a legacy product and you are looking for a seamless integrated workflow. Multi-stage document approval workflows in your organization and the BPMS performs the routing of the information. Or integrate your RPA tool to manage and monitor end-to-end business processes. Total process transparency and unprecedented control and insight over your organization’s documents.

Real-Time Data Analytics

Create values from your document processing and document data by using advanced data analytics. Finmatics® analyzes your data through real-time machine learning algorithms. As a result, standard descriptive, prescriptive and predictive capabilities of analytics have included. By using Finmatics® analytics you ensure compliance with company’s guidelines and reduce risks.

Document Archive

Have your documents available digitally anytime, anywhere. Work on your smartphone, tablet or computer to release bills, pay and archive or to check order confirmations. Use the full text search for all of the documents and continue to work in the application after a search process.


API Solutions and White Label Solution

Integrate Finmatics® API or white lable solution to your software and attract new customers. Minimize your risks and costs by integrating a proven multi-tenant and multi-language apps to your software. Alternatively, enlarge your functionalities by adding new functionalities out of the API toolbox.

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