Artificial Intelligence goes International

AI knows no borders. A statement that is not only to be read philosophically, but can also be taken literally. CONFIDA is a living example of the cross-national use of digital workflows and intelligent systems. The international tax consulting and auditing firm from Austria works with the Artificial Intelligence Finmatics at its Southeast European locations. We talked to Christian Braunig, the managing director of CONFIDA, how the domestic software is supporting their international organization.

How AI transforms the Shared Service Center

Anyone who still asks whether AI will persist in accounting asks the wrong question. Béla Tasi, Managing Director of the Shared Service Center of Enteos in Hungary, knows that “it’s only a matter of time before document processing and accounting is largely automated. The experience of recent years suggests that this will happen sooner rather than later.” It is time to redefine the division of labour between humans and AI, and to create future-proof processes. A wake-up call.

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